Loma Prieta - Dark Mountain 12"

Image of Loma Prieta - Dark Mountain 12"


San Francisco’s LOMA PRIETA return with a follow-up to 2008's "Last City." Never afraid to straddle genres, this album picks up where Last City left off and finds the band probing the outer limits of "post-hardcore." The album was recorded by Jack Shirley (Comadre), with additional recordings by the band, once again mixed by Jay Pellicci (31 Knots), and mastered by JJ Golden. 8 songs of blistering and beautiful hardcore. For fans of American Football and American Nightmare.


1 Exit Here
2 Vermillion River
3 King Xing
4 Carelessnessness
5 Ghost Shadow
6 Punxx'nup
7 Arc
8 Surrounding

Limited edition pressing on cloudy-clear vinyl.